The therapy here was tough, but it is what lead to a good doctors report. He was very pleased with my therapy! I would recommend MS Care Center of Raleigh to anyone!
Reta Gandy-MS Care Center of Raleigh Transitional Care Unit
If you have to go somewhere, this it the place to go! All I had to do was push a button and they were right there ready to help me! I couldn't put my finger on a bad one there. Everyone was so good to me!
Merle Mason, Raleigh- Short-Term Rehab -MS Care Center of Raleigh Transitional Care Unit
The staff at MSCCR will never know the depth of gratitude we feel for all the support given. They took our mother in as a member of their family from the first moment she arrived, it was unbelievable!  Thank you will never be enough!
— The Family of Sharon Yates (10/18)
I highly recommend MSCCR therapy department.  In a short period of time they put me on the right path to recovery! Michael Wilkerson is the BEST THERAPIST in the world! In a few short weeks he had isolated the problem and put together a plan to manage the problem.
— James Stanley Webb - Out-Patient Therapy
Yesterday I visited my orthopedic doctor and he asked me where I was doing my rehab. When I told him MS Care Center of Raleigh he said, "I've heard great things about that place! They are doing a great job there!". I tell everybody I know that if you get hurt and have to go to a place, this is the place to go! Everyone here is so nice and loving. Just like a big family. Oh yes, don't leave off clean! This place in the cleanest facility I've ever seen in my life! I would love to come back just to go to the beauty shop! Rynn did such a great job on my hair! I've really enjoyed my stay at MS Care Center of Raleigh!
— Bonnie Ivy, Raleigh, MS - Short-Term Rehab
I didn’t realize we had therapy here is Smith County! After staying at a hospital swing-bed for three weeks, I still wasn’t able to go home. My daughter’s best friend told her that y’all offer short-term therapy. So she made the call and got me a private room right here in Smith County! I have family that works here so I had no fear coming. I feel right at home here. I’ve already recommended this place! They’ve even got a beauty shop here! I couldn’t get that at the hospital. They’ve been so good to me! I don’t see how they could have treated me any nicer than they have here. They just come in to see if I need anything. At the hospital I was so lonely. Here I can get out of my room and go to activities. It makes your days so much shorter. I’m not just cooped up in my room! I spend time in the common area doing puzzles and talking to friends. If I ever require long-term care- I’ll be back!
— Ms. Lucy Parker, Taylorsville, MS - Short-Term Rehab
I chose MS Care Center of Raleigh because it was close to home for me! My daughter could easily come by and check on me. I just came here and wanted to get better. The therapist worked wonders on me! I got excellent care here! I was here for about 24 days and they got me back up and I began working again in about a month. I’m doing hair here now! If I hadn’t had therapy I don’t think I would be working again like I am now! Every therapist here was so good! If I ever need it this is where I’ll come!
— Rynn Blakeney, Mize, MS - Short-Term Rehab
I chose Ms Care Center because it was at home and I like to be at home! Everybody was real friendly and nice. It’s like being in a big family. I was there for about twenty-five days. The therapists love you like you are their family and I feel like they are my children - I’m headed back up there today just to let Joe stretch my leg! They do outpatient therapy too!
— Jeanette Smith, Raleigh, MS - Short-Term Rehab
We chose MS Care Center of Raleigh because it was close to home and we’ve heard great things about it. The staff was great to my mother-in-law and she really enjoyed her stay there.
— Paula Smith, family member of Jeanette Smith
MS Care Center of Raleigh was highly recommended. I came here to get over being sick and to get better. It was such a good place. I met my goals and went back home. They were very nice to me and I had no complaints!
— Frank Cole, Mize, MS - Short-Term Rehab
I chose MS Care Center of Raleigh because it was close to home and a good place to come. I was afraid when I first came that it would turn into long-term care but they got me strong enough to return home. I tell my friends that it’s a good place, the food is good, and the people are nice and it’s the best place to come. I was there for twenty days and I was able to return home. The staff was very nice. Really, really nice, and sweet nurses.
— Nettie Young, Raleigh, MS - Short-Term Rehab
Life is good here. It’s clean, cool, and the food is delicious. I love the activities!
— Jimmy Phipps, Taylorsville, MS - Long-Term Care
I love it here. Everyone is so good to me. This is my home. I live here. I’ll be here the rest of my life.
— Sue Jones, Mize, MS - Long-Term Care
This is a good place. I enjoy sitting on the front porch. They’ve been so good to me here.
— Rodney Rayborn, Hattiesburg, MS - Long-Term Care
I love it here, the nurses, CNA’s, and all the residents! When I’m away from here I can’t wait to get back. This is my home!
— Frankie Jones, Magee, MS - Long-Term Care
My mother was at another facility and was tossed out! She was blackballed from every place around and ended up staying several weeks at a behavioral unit. They told us about your facility and we made the forty-five minute drive there and loved the place. I can honestly say that MS Care Center of Raleigh is the best place in the state of Mississippi. I was able to come home and rest at night and know that my mother was being cared for. The love that Michelle, Dana, and Fran gave to us and my mother was unbelievable. I tell everyone around Jackson that’s the best forty-five minute drive you’ll ever be able to make! So, that’s my story!
— Lynn Parker, Jackson, MS - RP for former Memory Care Resident
I love it here! Before I came here I was staggering and falling. The therapist here have gotten me stronger and I’m now walking. I’ve made a lot of friends here and I get great care here. My son and daughter-in-law work so after I completed the short-term therapy I decided to make this place my home.
— Jewel Steadman, Morton, MS - Long-Term Resident